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#throwbackthursday 💪👍 Alrighty, so I fought really hard with myself with rather or not to post some before/after pics on my blog because I’m human and I honestly get VERY self-conscious about people’s expectations of me. However, I’m fixing to throw it all out there 😳😎😜. The top picture is taken January 15th, after my “Christmas Break”🎅🎄 ended. I had put on some lbs secondary to enjoying many engagement parties and Christmas delights, and mom and pops cooking 😜💏 haha. I was still working out 5-6x a week, however I didn’t have my food/nutrition in check at the time. Starting jan 15th (159lbs) I decided it was time to get back into the groove. (Please note this decision was made for me, I believe the first step into changing a routine is to notice that you are doing it FOR YOURSELF!❤❤❤) I set goals for myself of 1⃣getting back to a lean body mass weight like I was before I started my doctoral program. Im 5’8” so i would like to be at 136lbs 18%bf and doing it a save way to where im losing no more than 2lbs a week so its maintainable and not crazy 2⃣completing my first half marathon in less than 2hrs 3⃣ getting back on a weight training schedule outside of my group exercise classes 4⃣incorporating more yoga 5⃣learning how to eat cleaner 6⃣learning how to eat not by calories but by the macros (protein carbs fats) MY BODY needs in order to perform and feel its best. 7⃣ And educating other on how to become healthier and happier in a fun/exciting way💪🍴👍🙋👯💃!!! This means that I believe there is no ONE WAY to lose weight, I don’t believe in “diets”, and I will try anything twice… But if I don’t like it after the second time I’m not doing it anymore, because you have got to find a plan that works for YOU that YOU LOVE!!! Everyone starts at somewhere, it doesn’t matter where you start, IT ONLY MATTERS THAT YOU START!! Stay motivated fitfam!!!! And be encouraging and supportive of those around you 😊😊😉. #throwbackthursdays #fit #fitfam #transformation #weightloss #fatloss #nutrition #fitspo #fitfluential #fitness #fitspiration #health #healthspo #abs #absaremadeinthekitchen #goals #inspiration #motivation #beforeandafter #lean #womenwholift #instagood #instahealth #progress #igfit #igdaily

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