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Goodnight!!! It’s too 🌞freaking hot🌞 to be a runner right now down here in the Deep South! But I ain’t moving and I LOVE running so here are some tips on how I stay safe with running with the heat wave that is coming through!!!
💟STAY HYDRATED!!! If you don’t like water try some infused water with lemon/lime/mint OR strawberry and blueberries
💟PLAN YOUR RUNS!!! Use those weather apps! Check the morning and evening temperatures! And pick which time of day is best and safest for YOU! I prefer night runs 👌 but I guess I was feeling spiffy today and ran morning haha.
💟KNOW YOUR LIMITS! I know my limit to be able to function for the rest of the day means not running outside if heat index is above 92. NO THAT DOESNT MEAN YOU CAN SKIP A TRAINING DAY! Suck it up and run on the treadmill or an indoor track 😜.
💟If you do over do it… Don’t be afraid to take a rest day. Or cross train inside the next day at a lower intensity. For example if you were scheduled for a 5mile run which you would usually do a 50:00 then perform a low impact cardio activity indoor for 50min. IE: elliptical, cycle.
💟love yourself. Love your body. BE SMART! 😘😘😘

EGGS DONT HAVE TO BE FOR BREAKFAST!!! It’s weird to thing about why certain foods have a “stigma” for certain meal time 😂😂😂. My favorite dinner meal has for to be this easy egg white omelet with veggies 👌ON POINT!
✳️4 egg whites
✳️seasoned with 1tsp chalupa and pepper
✳️5 slices deli smoked turkey on the inside
✳️feta cheese sprinkled on top
✳️in a baking dish combine asparagus, bell peppers, onions, and pineapple
✳️bake at 350 for 30mins

Got my fitness 💪 on this weekend on the beach🐠🐟🐬 in the sand and surf🏊!!! Walked a total of 10miles🏃 on the beach for the weekend, surfed my little heart out🏄, and learned to paddle board for the first time😎!

💟💟💟Fitness doesn’t have to be “in the gym” ladies and gentlemen!💟💟💟

I’m pretty sure I got a FULL BODY WORKOUT just from playing this weekend 😉. Get out there and ENJOY LIFE and this beautiful world we were given!!!

My morning 🌅 view this am before my first race 🏃 of the “racing season for me”. Started it off with a 5k race for “RUNNING ON ISLAND TIME” in Merritt Island, Fl. Got some good meditating🙏 time in reflecting on past, present, and future while watching the Florida🌴 sun rise🌞🌞 with Jupiter and Venus. ⭐️Running has opened up and unlocked so many aspects of my life that I just can’t even put into words⭐️. This season (now-may) is going to be a growing one for me! Committing 120% to reach some high goals for me. ✳️✳️✳️I WANNA HEAR FROM YALL!!! Why do you RUN?✳️✳️✳️ I can’t wait to meet and make lots of new buddies this time around! weeeee!!!

Hosting a get together/dinner for some of my girls tonight!!! Stay tuned to learn how to make healthy, DELISH, homemade dishes that YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS will love 😍 without taking away from the fun 😉! I know those girls nights are important! Let me show you how I keep them fun, yet keep you on track for YOUR GOALS!!! Stay tuned and/or follow my FACEBOOK FITNESS PAGE “Monique St. Pierre Fitness” for recipes to come! Including homemade pesto 😘!

So good my husband couldn’t even tell they were GLUTEN FREE AND HEALTHY until I told him 😉. This batch made six 5inch pancakes 👌. And a beautiful BREAKFAST!!!! I have a ninja blender that makes all this prep from scratch a lot easier!

✳️2 apples, slice into 6 pieces each
✳️bake 325 for 20minutes
✳️Chop up into small pieces
✳️Place into blender with
✳️1 tbsp organic honey
✳️1 tbsp organic agave
✳️blend together until smooth
✳️use as syrup/topping for pancakes

✳️1.5 cups bobs red mill GF pancake mix
✳️2 egg whites
✳️.75c water
✳️1tbsp EVIO
✳️1tbsp cinnamon
✳️1tbsp organic brown sugar
✳️place all in blender until smooth like batter 😉
✳️heat skillet to medium heat
✳️use 1/3c batter and place onto skillet
✳️when top starts to bubble flip over and cook other side
✳️continue with rest of batter the same way
✳️makes 6 (3 servings)

I have a secret to share…. You can go to social gatherings… AND still bribe yummy delish and colorful food platters WHILE still keeping it CLEAN and HEALTHY!!! I just blew your mind right💁?

➡️ half a watermelon. Scrape out all the insides. I used an ice cream scooper to get all the meat out.
➡️ Let sit out for an hour so the inside isn’t so wet
➡️ chop up whatever fruits you want and put em in there!!!
➡️ I used….
➡️1 pineapple
➡️1pint blueberries
➡️ 2 Fuji red apples
➡️ 3c grapes
➡️ 1lb strawberries

💪boulder shoulder day!!! Heavy weights and low reps. Then follow it with a date day with the Hubz 👌. Don’t be afraid to LIFT HEAVY my ladies!!!! I do… And I’m pretty sure I don’t look like a dude. Emphasis on the pretty sure… 😉. Haha. Do what feels good to your body and forget the haters! Can I get an AMEN?? Whoop whoop!!!

Selfishness in my gluten free tummy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
So I don’t know exact portions bc I threw together a lot to last me about a week! But here’s what I did….
✳️1.5c quinoa
✳️1c organic chicken broth
✳️1c water
❤️seperate pan
✳️spary pan with EVOO spray
✳️1/2 a yellow onion
✳️5 garlic cloves
✳️1 large green bellpepper

❤️cook veggies for 15mons the. Add to quinoa. Bring broth to a boil then reduce to low and cover. Let summer for 15mins.


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