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#mcm 😍😍😍 So lucky to have this caring, generous, and funny man to call my husband 👫! Doesn’t hurt that he’s not all that bad too look at either 🙋! He thinks I go to the gym to stay healthy and less stressed… Psssh I only do it so I can look at these guns 💪. Haha ok the stress delerium is setting in on me for boards, I can’t lie. Lol. Don’t know what I would do without you baby @ryanpridgin !!!! Here’s to us kicking life’s ass after I’m finally done in 1.5 weeks!!! Whoop whoop!!! Thanks for always standing by my side and keeping me strong mentally and physically 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘


Not gunna lie my diet has NOT been in point with all the craziness coming down to boards🙍. But I turned that around with dinner tonight 🙆!!

✳️Soft corn taco
✳️5oz talapia baked seasoned with Mrs. Dash lemon pepper and fresh squeezed lemon
✳️diced cucumbers, grape tomatoes, and garlic
✳️throw all in bowl with 2tea balsalmic vinegar
✳️let chill in fridge
✳️stuff your taco 💁
✳️I had a side of steamed squash onion and zucchini too!

✌️You can ALWAYS turn around bad eating habits! It doesn’t have To be a Monday to do so….

Hola fitfam and friends! Sorry I’ve been MIA lately with updates for workouts and recipes but I’ve been at the end of the road for wrapping up my doctorate degree for PHYSICAL THERAPY!!!

🙋4 more days till I take my board exams!
🙋7 more days of clinicals in my last rotation!
🙋20 more days till I graduate and am officially Dr. Mofreaky 😜☺️
🙋30ish days till I plan to start and really dig into starting my small business, webpage, YouTube channel up, and online personal training to have it up and running 😋

Lots of changes coming up in the future!!! ✌️AND don’t think I’m skipping out on workouts to get this done.


even if it means having to do more cardio then you would like so you can read your board book and not feel guilty about it 💁. It may not be you’re most favorite or productive workout, BUT it’s better than no workout at all. Right???

😘😘😘thank you all for all your continued words of wisdom, support, and love! It’s really getting me through this trying time AND I can’t wait to bring y’all everything that I’ve learned over my past 8 years! Get ready!!!

Thankful to have a husband that lifts, runs, AND cooks!!! And doesn’t think of my as any less classy bc I put ice in my red wine 😳😜🍷!!
✳️DID YOU KNOW✳️ red wine, in moderation, has been scientifically proven to be heart healthy?! 💁*highfive*. The alcohol and antioxidants (resveratrol) in red wine help to prevent heart dz by increasing levels of HDL “good cholesterol” and protecting against artery damage. #keyword , in moderation 😉

fight for what you want. And keep those who believe in you close. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Had an awesome track workout with my better half today! And I even did monkey bars all by myself 🎉!!! You don’t need fancy equipment to get a good sweat in! Just you, some sneaks, and the outdoors!!!! We dedicated an hour to being in the track by sprinting the straight aways and performing drills down the corners! No set reps, no set exercises… Just us and a goal of an hour! Below is an example of some of the drills we did on the corners. So it would go ✳️spring straightaway ✳️do drill on corner ✳️sprint straightaway ✳️do the same drill. 💟and that’s one circuit. At the next corner you would switch to the next exercises 💟

❇️walking forwRd lunge
❇️walking backward lunge ❇️inchworms
❇️high knees
❇️butt kicks
❇️monster walks
❇️backwards running
❇️front squat jumps

Ooooooooooh LAWDY!!! The temptations of STARBUCKS!!! 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

🙋Just remember that they are only that…. A temptation!!! And a ✳️MOMENTARY PLEASURE✳️. Something pleasurable that’s really going to last for a minute… AND then you’ll spend the rest of the day feeling like poo💩 because you fell for it!!!! 🙅Say no…🙎 And have the long lasting pleasure of knowing you are treating your body right👯👯!!! Our brains are just warped from the media🏫🏢🏫🏢 and food agencies tellin us these are okay for us.

🙇But did you know the high fat/sugar contents they put in these food actually going to some of the same dopamine receptors that opioids 😳go to in our bodies telling is we want more? It’s a response our bodies make to drugs… just say NO 🙅!!!

✌️I’m not even going to touch in the fact that one tiny breakfast biscuit can be more than 500 calories!!!!! And that’s not even including your coffee!!!
☝️AND don’t try the I have to for the caffeine response☕️☕️☕️… Because ONE1⃣ Frappocino (let’s say the double chocolate chip grande WITHOUT whip creAm,) is 290cals with only 15mg of caffeine. While a grande iced black coffee is 5cals with 330mg caffeine. YES, yes yes… I think I’ll stick with my iced black coffee. Please and thank you! And be happy about my choice all day long guilt free!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
BE AWARE of what you are putting in your bodies my loves! Don’t let the media or food agencies trick you!

After fasted cardio😅 (spin class) and a killer 💪 arm workout… ✳️FOOD✳️ CARBS ✳️COFFEE✳️… Was the only thing on my mind ⬆️that’s my get me food NOW face 😜⬆️! ESP when it’s my new fave breakfast 😍😍😍!
💟2 ricecakes
💟2 tbsp PB2 mixed with 1/3 serving vanilla protein powder
💟organic honey on top ❤️
💟Fuji apple
💟Two egg muffins (that I was too much of a fatty for and ate them before I sat down 😁 ill post recipes for those soon bc they are delish!!!!!)
💟grande ice black coffee (yes, I’m a gold member at Starbucks. I blame board exams 😉)

✌️easy, healthy, portable, yummy breakfast at your finger tips kids!!!

Having to read this verse quite often during this chaotic time of finishing my doctorate, prepping for a new video shoot, and getting everything together to launch my wellness company 😳😁😍! Working hard and staying calm with the end goal in mind. My most calmest moment is know that God has led me exactly to this point and I know my profession and goals in life are exactly what he created me for 😊. Wouldn’t change this crazy life for a thing! And I’m so so so close to having all my education and certifications complied I can Taste it!!! 😄😃😀 so grateful for His Glory! 🙏🙌💃

HAPPY SATURDAY FITFAM! Took a nice 5k🏃 run along the water 🌴💟🐠this AM followed by a leg 🐙workout in the gym!! ✌️please take time to stretch during your workout routine to 🙅PREVENT INJURIES🙅!!! 10mins of stretching is a lot less time then 6-8weeks of recovery after an injury 😉! AND it doesn’t have to be boring stretching, 🙍that’s why I love yoga and following all my instayogis to inspire me to work on my flexibility! THANK YALL🙌!!!! Some of my faves if y’all are looking for inspiration @laurasykora @gypsetgoddess @yogalovingypsy @beachyogagirl @patrickbeach @masumi_g @kinoyoga just to name a few 🙆!

Making dem GAINS 😆💪! Was able to complete 3 wide grip pullups AND 3 chin ups without assist 💟💟💟 Been a goal of mine for a while! I’ve always been all power in my legs with little help through my back and shoulders! Feels good to be making a well trained body to improve my overall health and aesthetics 👯👯! ✳️✳️✳️My motivation: Trying to get in the best shape I’ve been in to film the next round of CIRCUIT BURNOUT HOME FITNESS DVDs for you guys!!!✳️✳️✳️ ✋With no excuses! I’m traveling 1000+miles a week, completing ~50hrs a week in clinicals, studying for board exams for my doctorate, AND trying to get settled into a new home/place and find a job! ✋ My time for my health and meal prep has been made a priority though so I can FEEL GOOD and HAVE THE ENERGY to do all of that with a big smile on my face 😀😊☺️. You will feel the way that you take care of YOURSELF. Wanting to spread education to love yourself enough to make time FOR YOU to take care of your own body ✌️❤️😘 #loveyourself #takecare #health #wellness #flex_fridays @bodesquad

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