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✳️✳️✳️One year of racing for the hubs and me!!!✳️✳️✳️ Crazy to think that I started running for the first time a year ago👯! I was always told I would ✴️NEVER✴️ be able to run again after my back injury and surgery I underwent😭😭😭…. Hmm try and tell me I can’t do something☝️… Butt heads😡.

💟💟This is why I’m an extreme motivator for people to always aspire to do what they want with their bodies!!!💟💟 As long as you put in the proper training and discipline… YOU can achieve your goals!!! ❇️NEVER LET ANYONE TELL YOU YOU CANT!!!❇️ And if you are looking for help… Do your RESEARCH!! There are trainers and physical therapist out there that can help you reach your goal! No matter where you are coming from! So set your dreams and work hard to achieve them!!! The reward of accomplishing the unimaginable…. There’s just not words for it 🙌🌞!

👫Couldn’t have done it without my sexy supporter, husband, and partner in crime @ryanpridgin 🙆

AAAAAND were off!!! On our way down to Devils Garden Mud Club for our SECOND TOUGH MUDDER! Excited to be doing it with our friends and representing the 5th SLS this time (even though Ill be the only civilian in the team 💁 lol just more reason to bring out the #BEASTMODE)! My goal is to not face plant in the mud with electroshock this time 😉! Can’t wait to make some awesome memories and then go party on #Miami tonight to celebrate!!! #toughmudderflorida #southflorida

Happy Friday Eve Ya’ll!!! This workout sesh is going to be targeted for all my #runners out there 🏃🙋👟! This is a quick 6 min workout set to add to any of your routine for INJURY PREVENTION!!!
✳️Too often as runners we fall in love with ‘running’ and forget to train all aspects of our body for better biomechanical performance of out bodies!
✳️this leads to a high knee injury rate in runners bc more often than not we are quad/hami dominant and tend to be VERY WEAK in our hip musculature
✳️this compromises out knee alignment due to inadequate forces that are applied at the hip… Which ultimately control the knee!
✳️So make sure you train those hip and booth muscles 👍👌😉!!!
✳️You’ll notice greater stability through your hips and knees on runs AND BONUS… A tighter firmer all around BOOOOOTAY!!!!

✴️when performing these exercises focus on keeping your HIPS STACKED (don’t let them rock with the movement)
✴️SQUUEEEEZE your booty cheeks together!!!!
✴️keep your core contracted for extra stabilization
✴️I’m even rocking too much in these vids bc my R hip abducyors are weak! If you need extra help have a friend stand over you and squeeze at your hips to stabilize until you can find your range 💪👌💁



🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞LEGS and BOOTY workout to get those LONG and LEAN summer legs!!! 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞

🌻REPEAT circuit 3x
🌼PRACTICE good form and technique (if you have questions about a move plz ask me)
🌺consciously SQUEEZE your booty cheeks together with each rep for added butt emphasis 😉

Gluten free and vegetarian friendly dinner!!! And oh so delicious and filling!!! Just look at all those colors 😳😳😳 = tons of FRESH vitamins and minerals to do a body good 💪👍💁🙌!

✳️1/4c quinoa seasoned with black pepper
✳️veggie skewers (see previous post)
✳️morning star chickpea patty

How was ya’lls dinner tonight?!? I’m getting settled down I stretch and watch the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!! Pulling for 🌀Kentucky🌀 so I can be real frustrated about the 🐗RAZORBACKS🐗 sweeping the national championship team of 2014 😜😛😝!

SUNDAY FUNDAY!!! Celebrating having the best framily in the world with a cookout! I made these healthy and delicious veggies skewers!!! $12.00 total!! It made 20skewers total!
✳️2 yellow bellpeppers
✳️2 zucchinnis
✳️2 yellow squash
✳️4 Roma tomatoes
✳️2 cans artichokes
✳️3 Portabella mushrooms
✳️1 green pepper
🔥pop those suckers on a grill and you are good to go🔥

So excited to have my bestie and mentor for group exercise @ashleebuchert in NWA at the same time as me so I could attend her INSANITY MASTERCLASS!!! If y’all need FUN and intense FITNESS MOTIVATOR you need to follow this girl! You’re looking at a hot momma (literally) with a six pack ladies and gentle men! Also, and Beachbody presentor/coach, exercise physiology masters, YEARS of experience, fitness DVD talent, mother, wife, sister, and amazing friend!!! Get on it so you can keep up with her and sign up for any of her motivational certifications!!!

So excited to have my bestie and mentor for group exercise @Ashlee buchert in NWA at the same time I was so I could attend her INSANITY MASTERCLASS. If y’all need FUN and intense FITNESS motivation y’all need to follow this girl!!! You’re looking at a hot momma with a six pack ladies and gentlemen! A Beachbody presentor, exercise physiology masters, fitness DVD talent, sister, mother, wife, and amazing friend!!! Get on it so you can keep up with her and sign up for her certifications!!! 💪💪💪💪

BENTONVILLE RUNNING FESTIVAL with my Madre complete! And my YEAR ANNIVERSARY of running festivals! This was my first official race last year 🏃👟 and I was so happy I got to be here to celebrate this year for 2014 as well! It will forever be a special running festival for me being my hometown and my first!!! Mom and me participated in the 5k this 28 degree morning!!!! And we both met our goals! My mom ever PRed @mamabb0613 👏👏👏👏!

✳️✳️✳️YALL HAVE GOT TO PUT THIS RACE ON YOUR CALENDER FOR NEXT YEAR! Still the best route I’ve run, friendliest people, most free stuff!, and just the overall best atmosphere I’ve been a part of for the running festivities!✳️✳️✳️

💁I got 4/54 for my age group! 20secs from coming in 3rd 😒 lol that will teach me a lesson to push just a lil harder!!!
💁SO PROUD OF MY MOM: 2nd place in here age group!!!! Weeee!! It’s so awesome to see her so excited!!!
💁I’m pretty much amazed by the power that running has over people’s moods… Happy, happy, happy people everywhere!!!

🔥🔥🔥NEXT RACE: TOUGH MUDDER MIAMI in one week!!!🔥🔥🔥


Now THIS is what I call a goody bag!!!! 👍💁👌! BENTONVILLE pulling out all the stops to make their runners happy, excited, and well fueled for the BENTONVILLE RUNNING FESTIVAL tomorrow!!! I mean come on… I even got a teddy bear 😍. Running the 5k tomorrow and searching for a PR🏃👟🏃👟🏃👟🏃👟🏃👟!!! (My mom will be participating in the 5k too, *happydance*) She has recently found fun and motivation in prepping and doing 5ks and I’m so happy and proud for her!!! Proud to be from this awesome not so little town! Anyone else going to be out there tomorrow AM?!?!

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